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Goo Goo Pavement (Part 2)

I was driving. We were on a dark, tree covered state road in North Carolina. It was very late or very early. We had left the show in Asheville after 1am. We were driving overnight to Atlanta. We had a show there the next night. We had friends there and a place to sleep, someone to make us breakfast whenever it was that we were going to wake up

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Goo Goo Pavement (Part 1)

What is Goo Goo Pavement anyway? A classic Japanese anime? A rock band that covers Sonic Youth in the style of Pavement or the just as pointless reverse? The ghost of a road-killed deer? A high-end glamour-punk hair styling product? A food truck in Portland specializing in baby food? A bad acid flashback? A skateboard company or a tragically ill designed remote control airplane? A new age philosophy or a cult based on a late 80’s indie-film? 

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