The Cure - Documentary Film Series

Now that “Years and Years” is over, D and I have been taking a short break from socio-economic anxiety entertainment and recharging our souls with The Cure. We found this 4 part documentary series and are currently deep into hour 3 of the 4 hours. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing or filled with tons of valuable information but it’s entertaining and nostalgic. Basically it is a chronological collection of You Tube sourced materials.

And, while it is on YouTube, where I personally find the interface and organization frustrating, I found the original project presented by its creator, Bear With No Face, on Vimeo complete with this lovely showcase.

I highly recommend reacquainting yourself with all snarky lipstick smeared glory that is Robert Smith!

- J

Here’s Part 1!

Part one of a documentary film series about The Cure. This is a YouTube-sourced assembly of interviews, concerts, videos, TV appearances and behind-the-scenes releases. It started just as a side-project / experiment to see how it all went together, and grew. It's not intended to be definitive, just one perspective from inside a really fun & inspiring rabbit hole. If you'd like to know the source of any particular clip, comment and I'll post the link.