Goo Goo Pavement (Part 3)

I reach around Jonah, and pound on the door. Bo, an oversized beast of a man, opens the door. With one hand on the handcuffs and my other on the back of his head I push Jonah, my prisoner, through the doorway. Inside the cottage, Jen and another woman are kneeling, praying in the front room. I hustle Jonah past them as Jen glances up at us. She has sad, watery eyes. I pretend not to notice. Not my fucking problem. The fucking mess these nitwits have made. Bo closes the door and most of the light vanishes from the room. Just the tv that the women are praying to. I don’t look at that fucking tv. I push Jonah past the tiny kitchenette and the bathroom to the back room, Daniels bedroom. As we enter the bedroom Jonah jerks a little, like the asshole he his. I stumble slightly over his feet but keep my grip on the handcuffs. I keep my shit together. I slam him into the door jam, hard, walk past him and then drag him, backwards into the room by the handcuffs. Once in the room I push him into the corner where Daniel has a chair waiting for him. As I close the door I hear the prayers of the women and Bo preparing the kitchen. 

We’re at a rest stop outside of Atlanta. It’s around 3am. I’m scanning the vending machine for something that I know won’t be there, actual food. Britt is asking me again if it was the right thing to just leave the deer on the side of the road like that. I said, again, that I didn’t know. All I knew was that Jason found the body. Jason said it was dead. George said it was safely off the road, in the grass. We didn’t have a way to transport a giant ass dead deer. There was no room in the van between people and musical gear and we had no way to tie it to the top of the van and we had no place to take such a thing. I pushed C-12. Nutter Butters. Again. “Do you want one?” I asked her.

Daniel is standing on the bed, arms outstretched to the ceiling. He’s barefoot, wearing torn blue jeans and a dirty white t-shit, as always. I pull four eggs from the messenger bag I have hanging over my shoulder. I place the eggs onto the bed and glance sideways at Jonah. What a prick. “So, this fucking guy,” I say to Daniel. “This fucking guy, on the way over here just now.” I point at Jonah. “He tries to tell me that your problem is, like you have a problem Daniel. But, he tries to say your problem is that you’re too separate from the world. You know what I told him?” Daniel looks at me for a moment, then to Jonah, then at the eggs. “I told him that’s bullshit. I told him that every one of us is separate from the world. We’re all islands, right? Well, echoes of islands. We’re trapped inside these fucking bodies and inside our own heads and we can never really, fully connect with anything. I told him that the difference between you and the rest of us is that we’re all kinda fuzzy around the edges. We aren’t part of the world, but the line between us and everything else is a little blurry and it’s hard to tell where we stop and everything else starts. But you, Daniel, you’re clearly defined. You’re edges are sharp and clear. There’s no fuzzy edge on your mask, right?” Daniel looked at Jonah and said, “Is that what you want Jonah? Do you want to be part of the world?”