Artwork by Daniel Kopton (Danklife) -or- Spheres, Skulls, & Light.

I’ve been working as a photo retoucher since 2004 but in early 2006 I met Daniel Kopton who was running his own boutique photo retouching and illustration company, Danklife. The level of work he was doing was far beyond anything I’d done at the time, or even understood, but he hired me and taught me many of his secrets. Daniel was my boss and then eventually my business partner. We played in a band together briefly. We’ve been co-workers, friends, and collaborators for well over a decade now. Since D and I started We Are Parasols, Daniel has helped to guide the visual art of the band. He’s created all of our album and EP artwork, most of our single artwork, taken band photos, and made posters. Here’s a complete collection of Danklife artwork created for We Are Parasols. — J

Cover Art

CD & Cassette

Band Photos

Posters & Logo Art