D // Vocals, Synthesizers, Bass
Jerman // Guitars, Piano, Synthesizers, Samples, Vocals
Alec Eye // Drums, Synthesizers, Samples

A throbbing beat. Machines on march. A guitar can be a drill or sing like an angel. A voice like a computer caught in a human throat. A whisper. A howl. Synthesizers; sometimes smooth and glassy, sometimes jagged and bloody. A walk on the shore can easily turn into an apocalyptic landscape depending on your perception.

We Are Parasols started out as a shoegaze band that used electronic production. They released a full-length, Infrastructure, and then an minimal-ambient ep, bite_your_tongue. The idea was that Infrastructure would serve as the structural guide that they would build upon for future releases. That’s not exactly how it worked out. There was a song on Infrastructure, “No Movement”, about an android sex worker. That song, not the rest of the album, was what spawned the musical world of Inertia, the bands sophomore full-length.  

Inertia combined industrial, shoegaze, pop, darkwave, and sci-fi to tell a dystopian, possibly humanist, probably anti-human, story about violence, technology, politics, control, and an android feminist anti-hero known only as a synthetic sexual tasked android body.  

Now D, Jeremy and Alec are following up Inertia with No Center Line, an EP that’s more about the past than the future and less consumed by anger than depression. The 4 new songs explore the hazy, maybe non-existent lines between life & death, dreams & reality.  

We don’t know exactly how to describe the sound of We Are Parasols but the band lists a range of influences; Bloody Knives, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Curve, Gazelle Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Tricky, and Madonna.