Feel Machine / Never Let Me Down Again

Today we release a new split single for “Feel Machine” & our cover of “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode. The digital single, now available from all online digital retailers also includes the b-side, “Data Merge (Some Kind of Ending)”. See the video for “Feel Machine” below and stream the entire single on Bandcamp.

D has always wanted to make what she calls an “MTV style video” with lots of dancing and flash. So, unlike our previous videos, “Feel Machine” has no concept or story, it’s simply a performance piece filmed at a local DIY space in Portland called Azøth. The gloss of the lighting, costumes, and makeup combined with the energetic performance are designed to highlight the pop elements of the track which are sometimes overlooked amidst its industrial sound. We enlisted the help of regular collaborators: director of photography Jason Roark and stylist Sara Bergqvist, who both previously worked with us on the “ss.tab” and “scoptophilia” videos, as well Daniel Kopton, who does most of our album artwork, to create the opening title and the flaming logo animation at the end. As with the majority of our videos, Jeremy did the editing.
“Feel Machine”, the new single is a genre turn for We Are Parasols, more industrial and post-punk, with almost none of the shoegaze wash. The beats are minimal but heavier than ever, the guitar is sharp and chaotic, the vocals are angry but melodic. “Feel Machine” is the sonic result of a band that began their career in what already feels like a different time, writing personal and essentially pretty songs, but has found itself in modern America; angry, frightened, confused, and begging, “Feel Machine, Try to be!.”

”Never Let Me Down Again” remains at least partially true to the classic Depeche Mode track while bringing something new. It balances swagger with ambience.
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“We Thought We Had More Time” by bdRm

bdRm has released a nearly 11 minute long ambient track. It’s a mournful, heavily processed Wurlitzer playing over a chaotic wash of distortion. It’s a eulogy. It’s a free download from Bandcamp.

Later this year bdRm will release a new EP, Are You Alive?


For Wurli. We miss you.
— J
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Our new EP is now available. re:Mixtape is sort of what it’s title implies, it’s sort of a remix EP, it’s sort of a mixtape, but the original tracks are so heavily re-worked, re-arranged, and re-recorded that they are basically entirely new songs that just happen to share lyrics and melodies with the original tracks. The EP features new versions of two songs from each of our albums, Infrastructure and Inertia, plus two songs from the No Center Line EP.


re:Mixtape was originally conceived as a live set for D and I to play live as duo. Our upcoming shows will this summer will be built from these tracks and far more electronic and dance oriented than our usual full band sets.
— J



On Small Screens & Side Projects

We have just done our first major website update of the year. It’s a work in progress and there is more to come. But we have added a new blog, On Small Screens, as well as pages for our side projects.

On Small Screens is a new blog by the members of We Are Parasols. We’re gonna be making it up as we go so we aren’t sure what it’s all “about” or even if there will be a central theme. We’ll talk about music, art, films, philosophy, the internet, and probably Battlestar Galactica. As of today, the first post is up, “Why a Fracking Blog?” Check it out. We are going to challenge ourselves to post weekly if not more often. Let there be words!

We have also added pages for our two current side projects, ATRIST and bdRm. At the moment ATRIST is still very much under construction as D is still recording the first single. The bdRm page is fairly well populated with streaming music and videos. More will be coming as the new EP, Are You Awake?, inches closer to completion.

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Data Merge (Some Kind of Ending)

new transmission // before we even know what we are // we fear to lose it // something is changing // 

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Feel Machine (Infrastructure Remixed)

Feel Machine (Infrastructure Remixed) features the new single by We Are Parasols, "Feel Machine", as well as remixes of each track from the album Infrastructure. Remixes by AVOXBLUE, bdRm, Chase Dobson, Drank November, Larvae, George Lewis III, Richard Parsons, and Jason Roark.
For a limited time this release will be available exclusively from Bandcamp.




Human Faults by Darkswoon

We are very excited to announce the first music video directed and edited by We Are Parasols for another artist. Jeremy and D had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Portlanders, Darkswoon, on the music video for “Human Faults” from Darkswoon’s brilliant new album, “Bind”.

The video features Cushman, blindfolded, singing amidst similarly-themed stock footage. The video’s subversive nature reflects the song’s ice-cold take on humanity.
— Frank Deserto // Post-Punk
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Welcome to 2019. Our year begins with an extensive interview by Sär over at CVLT Nation. We talk about our past and why we’re called We Are Parasol, we talk about the Oregon coast and the video for “Hold Me Fire”, we talk about the future - Last Ice and Body Horror, and we even mention Battlestar Galactica.

Click on the link below to read the entire interview.

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Hold Me Fire

The video for “Hold Me Fire” is breathtaking, somber, and a true piece of cinematic art. In it, an esoteric symbol haunts the dreams of a young woman as she frantically tries to reproduce the image in her mind onto paper. Simultaneously, an ancient pagan ritual plays out on a desolate seashore. At first it seems as though the arcane ritual is playing out in her dreams, but then the lines between reality and ritual begin to blur…
— When The Sun Hits

Directed & Produced by Charlie Moses & Jeremy Wilkins // Edited by Jeremy Wilkins
Costume Design & Make-Up by Moriah West (Mo West Creations)




Run for Defense

I am excited to be releasing the Brickbat Mansion compilation. This comp is in partnership with No Movement Records and includes so many of my favorite bands - all of which have performed at the night over the years. Featuring exclusive/new tracks by We Are Parasols and Mercury’s Antennae. All proceeds go to Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery and our release party is on Friday October 26th - Brickbat Mansion presents: Shadowlands & Golden Gardens at The High Water Mark. Come out to the release party and every attendee gets a download card for the comp! Join us!! Artwork by Kristin Neuschwander and design/layout Jeremy Wilkins. Thank you to everyone who contributed tracks!!!!
— Margaret Fenton (aka DJ Wednesday), Brickbat Mansion Founder
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